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There’s something about the quiet, smooth waters of mountain lakes in the early morning. Fishing in general is awesome, but fishing in Colorado is spectacular! Get lost in the scenery and your own thoughts to the point that you forget there’s a world beyond the mountain peaks towering above the tip of your pole.

Fishing in Colorado gives you stellar views, quiet lakes, and abundant varieties of fish.

There’s no lack of great fishing in Colorado. The only downside is choosing where to go. The guides at Atmore Outfitters know the best places to fish in Colorado. Book one of our fishing charter packages, and we’ll show you our secret “honey holes”. Our experts know how to find a good catch!

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Colorado has 35 species of warm and cold water fish. While most people think of Rainbow or Brown trout as primary fish in our waters, that’s only the beginning. True, that we have many varieties of trout, with the Cutthroat trout as the official Colorado State Fish. But come with us on one of our chartered fishing trips and you’ll see other types of Colorado Fish such as:

– Kokanee Salmon
– Northern Pike
– Yellow Perch
– Walleye
– Varieties of Bass
– Crappie
– Wiper
– Saugeye

We, at Atmore Outfitters, love fishing! It’s a sport that is accessible to anyone and enjoyed by beginners and experienced folks alike. There are no barriers to enjoying a great day on the lake on one of our pontoon boats.

Fishing isn’t only about catching a fish, but about savoring a day, enjoying the company of others, and reconnecting with ourselves.

We invite you to learn more about our guided fishing trips.Experience Colorado fishing on one of our fully-equipped boats with men who grew up fishing in the Colorado mountain lakes and rivers.



Fishing Charter 1 Angler $300

Fishing Charter 2 Anglers $390

Fishing Charter 3 Anglers $440

Fishing Charter 4 Anglers $490

Each additional angler will be $60.00.